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Catherine Junor

Catherine Junor was the daughter of Donald and Mary Junor (nee McIntosh). She was born on the Black Isle, Rosshire, Scotland in 1837.

Catherine arrived in Victoria on the "Almora" on the 1st July, 1856 as a Domestic Servant.

The first records of Births to Catherine:

John Junor born on the 14th June, 1859 at Heathcote, Victoria.
Catherine was not married and the informant was "a friend" John Fraser.

This child died aged 7 months on the 13th January, 1860. The name on the Death Certificate was William Junor. Informant was George Washington Davey, a friend.

At the registration of subsequent births to Catherine no previous births were mentioned.

1860 saw the birth of twins Elizabeth and Virginia Junor in November, 1860. George Washington Davey the informant and putative father.

Eliza Davey Junor was born in 1862, she died in 1863 and was buried as Eliza Davey in the Heathcote Cemetery.

George Junor was born 8th July, 1863, informant George Washington Davey (friend).

Sarah Junor was born 16th November, 1864, informant Catherine herself (signed with an X).

Alice was born in 1866 Bald Hill, also registered by Catherine herself.

Catherine was born 13th July, 1868 and she was also registered by Catherine.

Catherine Junor died on the 27th August, 1873 leaving her young family to be raised by George Washington Davey.

All the children are mentioned on the Death Certificate of George Washington Davey however none are mentioned on the Death Certificate of Catherine Junor.

(There is no known photograph of Catherine Junor).

George Washington Davey was born in San Francisco, U.S.A.
He died on the 5th July, 1913 and was buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery in the same grave as Donald Junor, Charles Junor and William Stanley Junor, son of Charles Junor and Virginia Davey Junor.







To His Excellency Viscount Canterbury Governor of the Colony of Victoria in Council

The MEMORIAL OF GEORGE WASHINGTON DAVEY of Heathcote in the Colony of Victoria Miner -

Respectfully Sheweth

First   That your Memorialist's name is George Washington Davey.

Second  That he is Forty Seven years of age -

Third  That he was born in Washington City in the United States of America -

Fourth  That he is by occupation a Miner -

Fifth  That on or about the Fifteenth of January One thousand eight hundred and fifty two he arrived in the Colony of Victoria from the Port of Sydney having sailed from California to that port and thence to Victoria by the Ship Queen of Sheba, and that he has ever since his arrival (being a period of 21 years) been a resident in said Colony of Victoria.

Sixth  That he is desirous of permanently settling in the said Colony and being Naturalized therein.

Your Memorialist therefore Prays 

That your Excellency may be pleased to grant to your  Memorialist Letters of Naturalization under the Act of Parliament No. 256 subject Conditions as your Excellency may consider necessary or advisable.

And your Memorialist will ever pray. 

George Washington Davey 


Dated the 8th day of February 1873. 

I George Washington Davey of Heathcote in the Colony of Victoria Miner make oath and say that the statement set forth by me in the above Memorial are true.

So help me God.

George Washington Davey.

Sworn before me at  Heathcote this Eighth Day of February,1873.                                                                                                                                                   

(Signed)  Charles Robinson

Justice of the Peace.



George Washington Davey.